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How can I cancel my booking?

It’s easy to cancel your booking. Head to your profile, find your booking in the list on your dashboard and click on the arrow icon to the right. Here you'll have the option to cancel your booking.
Your booking will be canceled according to the cancellation policy, which is included in your booking confirmation. Before you cancel please make sure you're fully aware of the cancellation policy in regard to refunds.

cancel booking

Remember to check your hotel's cancellation policy
As long as you book refundable, we'll get your money right back to you. However, hotels can apply a cancellation fee. Cancellation policies vary from each hotel, so make sure to check your hotel's cancellation policy before canceling a booking.

You can find your cancellation deadline and the specific cancellation policy for the hotel at checkout and on your booking confirmation.

If you fail to arrive or cancel the booking before the given cancellation deadline, you will unfortunately not be able to get a refund.