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How we calculate your carbon footprint

In this article, we'll get into how our carbon calculator works, and what data we base our calculations on.

How we calculate your carbon footprint

To make sure that we can remove the CO2 footprint of your entire trip, we have implemented an easy to use carbon calculator which you will find on the checkout page when making a booking. The carbon calculator will ask you to type in which method (or methods) of transportation you will be using on your trip. For example air, rail, bus or car. The more specific you can be, the more accurately we can calculate and neutralize your emissions. If you’re unsure about your method of travel, we always make an educated estimation based on your origin and destination and use a ‘worst case scenario’ (e.g. always flying). We then remove that amount of carbon on your behalf with our VCS partner, neutralizing your full trip emissions. 

You can try out our calculator here


There are some specific sources that help us evaluate your full trip emissions, These are: 

  • Distance - Google maps evaluates the number of kilometres traveled across different transport types (for example, car, plane, bike, train). N.B for travel by ferry, the calculation tool does not directly account for travel by ferry but approximates GHG emissions from the selected route before and after the ferry journey.
  • Transport and accommodation type: The UK Government GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting (2020) provides emissions estimates for each mode of transport and averages for hotel stays, and is updated on a regular basis.
  • Meals: Activity data for meals is determined using your selected travel dates and then applying a standard of three meals per-day.